viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Reporting from Cambodia: A Project Mayhem Tale.

Sir, as you can check on the newspapers, the project Mayhem in Spain is a complete success. The Euro is going to collapse and the country soon will see its borders blurred by the rise of the all dancing all singing crap of the country. I buried the seed and took care of the tree until it was independent enough to keep growing up by itself. Now is about to bloom. The project doesn’t need me there anymore. So I moved on.
Now I’m in Cambodia and after a deep analysis of the society I decided to move into the community, the country side, which is a mine of cheap labourers for the expensive business in town. Young men and women who are lied, they are promised to have the chance to promote in their jobs and get as rich as their employers are, but that is not gonna happen, and they realized, what makes them very pissed off. Meanwhile, the middle class tourists can get a luxury style of life that they can’t afford in their countries, and the owners of the lands get more expensive cars than the whole houses of their workers. Everything at the expenses of the health of the modern slaves called employees. The countryside folks have no formation or knowledge, so they accept any kind of humiliation from their bosses in order to get a couple of dollars at the end of the day. They feel the frustration, they feel the anger, but they don’t know how to drive it… yet.

Since I’m here, many young boys and girls showed interest for the project. They are good learners and they understand the purpose of the actions. The seed has been buried, and the first sprout is showing up. Project Mayhem keeps expanding overseas.  

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