miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

So, Fuck You.

Crying? Fuck you!
Pay for your mistakes,
you don’t deserve her care.
She came by you,
then you offered a lace,
that hid a chain,
which destroyed her freedom.
You got her at your feet,
and instead of offering your hand,
and rise her by your side,
you used her as a carpet,
trod her.
And it made the chain shorter.

She was brightness,
and you switched off her light.
She was water,
and you dried the river.
She was air,
and you polluted her,
but she didn’t give up.
She gave you thousand chances,
she thought that was love,
but you didn’t want to change,
but she did.
Now you cry, so fuck you.

You overpassed the edge,
and the Stockholm syndrome was finished.
She now flies free,
and you crawl seeking her feet,
but you don’t find it,
because she flies high,
so, fuck you.
Now you have the chance,
to learn from your mistakes,
to fly by the side,
but of someone else, not hers.
She gave herself to you as a present,
but you miss appreciated,
and now you cry, so fuck you.
She shines again,
and won’t go back to your side,
the happiness she tried,
and wasn’t with you,
but with herself instead.

So, fuck you.

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