viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Airports' things

It happened more than one year ago, I don’t know why, but, it came to my mind recently. I was in Prague’s airport ready to go to Japan and I saw a girl that was also waiting that plane that never took off the day before. It was more than one year ago, but today it popped up into my mind like a yesterdays’ fresh memory.
 I sat in front of the girl and I started talking to her. She was very nice. A Finnish girl, maybe Swedish, I don’t remember, who was going to Japan for work, performing in a circus. I was very surprised, such a young girl. She was twenty-two years old and was going to travel to the most far East to work, with all the visa stuff arranged and a work contract with her. She explained all those things without losing the brightening smile on her face. Not even a second.
 The boarding time arrived and I rushed towards the door to make sure that, that time, it would be possible to take the flight. It was my second try, as I explained back in that day in this blog. Meanwhile she went to the toilet, so many people stood up between us. Every time I looked back and our eyes coincided, she dedicated a cute wink of an eye with here gorgeous smile always turned on. That was one year ago, but, even though I don’t remember her name, I remember her face as if that had happened last night. When she passed across me in the alley of the flight winked an eye and smile. When I went to the plane’s toilet and I saw her, sitting in her seat, winked an eye and smiled. The same some more times.
 Once we landed in Moscow, where our flight had to make scale, she approached me with more winks and smiles, and asked to me:
-          Can we go together to the terminal C? – Which was the terminal where our flight to Tokyo took off from.
 I noticed her a little bit overwhelmed of being alone in such an unknown place and, as I told to her earlier, I had traveled quite a lot before, so she might had thought that I could be helpful. We were walking together, chatting, and I thought about sex. It’s told that the men have an average of eight to ten sexual fantasies a day. I had all of them along the twenty minutes we were walking together. Then, suddenly, she started looking continuously at her phone.
-          I have to meet my friend over here – She said.
I was wandering if her friend was going to be a boy or a girl, until we saw him. There he was, behind the glass of the smokers lounge. And then she told me that she was going to smoke a cigarette too, before continuing the walk until the terminal. And then she went inside the smoker’s lounge and I saw through the glass how she kissed her friend on his lips.
-          Ok - I thought. - I confused her sympathy with something else – I told myself. And I kept walking on my own until the waiting room of the terminal.

 After a while, they appeared, happily speaking to each other. She looked at me, but didn’t wink. They sat in a seat a couple of files ahead of mine. After a boring span time, I decided to wake up and speak to them. He was nice, but she wasn’t. She was trying to get his attention speaking in their language and avoiding talking to me. I got it. She didn’t need me anymore, so she didn’t want to know anything more about me. She used me as a free guide trough the unknown airport and then discarded me as an old useless toy. Suddenly I felt very uncomfortable, but luckily my stomach started hurting and I had to go to the toilet to drop a big shit. As I do in almost all the airports I step on. And I had only seen them once again, while we were waiting for our luggage, but I didn’t bother to say them good bye before I left. 

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